Will Manidis

Will is one half of the founding team of PathwaysAI. Will believes that recent developments in AI/Machine Learning will be transformative for the health care industry. Will has worked both in research and industry, working on projects as diverse as UAS systems for developing countries and programatic approaches to drug development. Will is a graduate of Westtown School, and is currently studying engineering at Olin College.


Roger Balcells Sanchez

Roger is the other half of the founding team at PathwaysAI. Inspired by the loss of his grandmother to Parkinson’s, he has always pursued the idea of helping people suffering from Parkinson’s. Roger has placed highly in many mathematics and programming competitions the world over. Roger graduated from Westtown School, and is currently a mechanical engineering student at Pennsylvania State University.

Key Advisors

Rich Sedmack
SchoolYard Ventures

Mark Greenberg

Eric Pilkington
BCG Digital Ventures

Chris Dima
Walnut St. Labs