PathwaysAI is building the next generation of Chronic Disease Management Solutions Powered by AI

PathwaysAI is leveraging the latest developments in artificial intelligence, quality of life metrics, and mobile apps to allow users suffering from chronic diseases to take never-before-possible control of their lifestyle factors. PathwaysAI is proud to debut TrackYourDisease, a mobile app designed to address the need of Parkinson's Patients at all stages of disease progression. TrackYourDisease uses groundbreaking AI technology to give unparalleled and individualized insight into an individualized quality of life factors. 


Uniquely Usable

For Users with Parkinson's from the days following diagnosis to significantly advanced forms, TrackYourDisease is designed 


Built on the latest generation of artificial intelligence technology, TrackYourDisease learns about your disease as you use the platform. As you track your lifestyle, proprietary algorithms are learning to help you live your best life


For users with significant tremor or other disability, TrackYourDisease is accessible through a fully voiced speech recognition interface. Logging symptoms is often as easy as a short conversation.


Unique Insight into your Symptom Profile

TrackYourDisease uses artificial intelligence to cater quality of life insights directly to your symptom profile. Our algorithms identify the behaviors that appear to be having the largest impact on your health, and allow you to see the direct affect simple actions such as medical adherence have on your quality of life. 


Groundbreaking Voice Entry

To address the unique problems faced by those suffering from Parkinson's Disease, TrackYourDisease can be used with no touch input for almost complete functionality. Daily logging, both symptom and medicine, can be completed through a spoken conversation with a friendly AI agent.


Details Matter

And when you are only visiting members of your care team every four to six months, they tend to get lost. TrackYourDisease enables you to not only ensure the daily details of your quality of life are logged, but that they are in a format that your care team can manage. Physicians that opt in can receive real time notifications if your symptoms are changing rapidly and you are not left waiting for your next visit. Furthermore, TrackYourDisease produces records in a format compatible with electronic medical record standards - meaning easy integration in all elements on your care team.