PathwaysAI helps.

PathwaysAI keeps track of the effect Parkinson's has on your body so you don't have to.


What can PathwaysAI do for me?


"... I had no idea how an app could monitor my progression, but after 3 weeks with this thing I'm a believer"

Stephanie - Medford, OR

"I've felt hopeless when I visited my specialists, but I no longer have to feel out of control"

Fred - Pensacola, FL

"This app has done more for me then any other I have tried, Its basically life changing"

Cathy - Pullman, WA


How PathwaysAI Works

PathwaysAI is designed to put you in tune with your symptoms allowing you to understand the exact impact each action you take has on your quality of life.


Why sweat the small stuff?

Your quality of life is determined by the hundreds of little things that you do throughout the day. By measuring the impact each action has, we can help you find the activities that matter most.

That's why we've spent the past two years building and researching a tool to allow you to live your best life.




PathwaysAI measures small differences in your behavior day to day that make up your quality of life. 

PathwaysAI analyses and sorts your day to day progression data, alerting you to little changes that matter via notification.

PathwaysAI's Care-Portal provides instant access to select data in a beautiful web dashboard to all members of your care-team.